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History and Archive

The Ladykillers The Thrill of Love Seasons Greetings Rollercoaster

Previous Production

The Ladykillers: Desperate criminals, knives, guns, cross-dressing majors, speeding trains, a bald parrot and a sweet old lady.

Previous Production

The Thrill of Love: A dramatisation of the true story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be hanged in Britain.

Previous Production

Season's Greetings: A family gathering at Christmas, which focuses on the relationships between the adults - dark, hurtful, pathetic and hilarious.

Previous Production

Rollercoaster: A journey of discovery, hope, acceptance, peace and happiness.

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History and Archive

To View the Extensive Archive(See Note* about external links)

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Recent Productions (most recent first):

Handbagged - March 2022 - view photos.
The Ladykillers - December 2021 - view photos.
The Thrill of Love- February 2020 - view photos.
Season's Greetings - December 2019 - view photos.
Rollercoaster - July 2019 - view photos.
Straight and Narrow - May 2019 - view photos.
Spygame - April 2019- view photos.
Barefoot In The Park - February 2019 - view photos.
One Man, Two Guvnors - November 2018 - view photos.
Confusions - May 2018 - view photos.
Bouncers - March 2018 - view photos.
Party Piece - January 2018 - view photos.
Vicar of Dibley: The Second Coming - October/November 2017 view photos.
The 39 Steps - July 2017 - view photos.
Neighbourhood Watch - April 2017 - view photos.
Ladies in Lavender - February 2017 - view photos.
Vicar of Dibley - November 2016 - view photos.
Cheshire Cats - June 2016 - view photos.
Veronica's Room - February 2016 - view photos.
Sharks in the Custard - December 2015 - view photos.
'Allo 'Allo - November 2015 - view photos.
Passing Strangers - May 2015 - view photos.
Quartet - March 2015 - view photos.
Gaslight - December 2014 - view photos.
A Fine Bright Day - October 2014 - view photos.

The archive is maintained by Poynton Players member Steve Heritage.

Brief History

As far as we can determine Poynton Players was established in 1931 as Poynton Dramatic Society and has remained active in the village since that time.

Records indicate that productions were performed in a number of locations around Poynton, mostly now long gone, but it is clear that from the late 1930s up to the end of 1949 all productions were presented at the Brookfield Cinema on London Road. In fact this is now mentioned on artwork commissioned by Poynton's Aldi Store to commemorate the Brookfield Cinema, which used to be on the supermarket site.
Aldi Store Poynton Artwork commemorating the Brookfield Hydro Cinema which used to stand on the supermarket site
Aldi Store Poynton Artwork commemorating the Brookfield Hydro Cinema which used to stand on the supermarket site
In 1950, following intensive fund raising in the immediate post war years, the society moved to our present home off Georges Road West.
Installing the Poynton Theatre Roof
Although photographic records from the early years are sparse, those that we do have been included in this archive together with images of more recent productions and the building of the theatre as you see it today.
Poynton Players November 1948 production Fool's Rush
We appreciate that a lot of this record will be mainly of interest to our members past and present but there is also a local social history interest to these images and we hope you will find them interesting.
Poynton Players November 1989 production of Abigail's Party
Images have been taken from press cuttings, programmes, productions and simply snapshots taken my members to record activities in and around the society over the years.

Where possible images have been digitally enhanced to improve the detail but as you would expect the quality does vary.
Poynton Players October 1949 Official Opening programme

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